Diving into the pool issue

Thanks for your coverage of the Verdugo Pool situation. It truly is an issue that should be in the forefront continually until the pool reopens.

Much of the last 20-year history of swimming in Burbank, and details on the closure of Verdugo Pool, is on my website, although not much updated. I’ve searched the Burbank government website and have found no specific references to the closure, repairs, contracts or planned re-opening of Verdugo Pool. Have I done a poor search, or has the city decided full disclosure to the public on this issue is not in someone’s best interest?

Your recent stories, photographs and letters to the editor in the Burbank Leader have brought this issue squarely into the public eye to a degree that should cause “someone” in the Burbank leadership to search for responsible parties and clear explanations.

Swimming opportunities for adults in Burbank have declined significantly since I moved here in 1990, but adult participation in swimming has obviously increased greatly. I see many more people at L.A. Valley College, Van Nuys and Glassell and Echo Park pools. And all but Echo Park are outdoor pools that are open all year.


Burbank potentially has very good facilities, but making these available to Burbank’s swimmers — and others — must obviously be a very low city priority. If the priority is actually not low, then the implementation of a good aquatics plan is very poor.

It was not so long ago that the generous bonuses paid to Burbank managers were a hot issue. Perhaps the managers responsible for Burbank’s pools thought their bonuses were inadequate. I think we need a refund.

Bob Schmitt