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Church surveyed its neighbors early on

Re: writer Mel Wolf’s challenge via Mailbag (“It’s time for the church to speak up,” May 16): I serve as Little White Chapel’s elected elder chairperson, responsible for the congregation’s spiritual life. I didn’t participate in the cell tower project, but heard occasional updates (“no action”) during this multiyear effort. We are puzzled by the last-minute opposition to this project, because the prerequisite canvas/survey of our neighbors yielded a petition containing hundreds of signatures supporting its development. A small minority changed their minds. We do not consider their concerns “paranoiac,” as Wolf does; we love our neighbors.

A costly design completely disguises the external tower in a structure matching our architecture.

Wolf’s doubts regarding past leaders’ actions, and his opinions regarding current leaders’ decision-making and communication methods, are speculative and irrelevant. New technology and cultural changes require church transformation if we are to continue to serve others. We have responded to God’s call to become an intentionally inclusive, open and affirming, accessible, multiracial, multi-ethnic church family, blessed with a dynamic, gifted minister, the Rev. Dr. Bill Thomas, Jr. Our only “business” is love. We welcome all — atheists, agnostics, the curious, seekers, and believers.

Sherri Lee Cline