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Selling out residents for tax revenue

When Walmart spokeswoman Rachel Wall claims those who are opposed to a Walmart in Burbank as being associated with special interests, she’s right on the mark. How else would you refer to the dozens of multi-generational, family-owned businesses in Burbank?

Before I so much as step foot in a Home Depot, you can bet I’ve already checked with Mark over at Burbank Paint and Hardware to make sure they don’t carry the product and can’t order it, because there’s something to be said about the men and women who have held on to a family dream for decades without ever compromising a commitment to their customers or employees.

The only special interest is Walmart, and as usual our City Council has sold out our best interests for increased tax revenue. I find it hilarious that whenever our community asks something of our government, suddenly it becomes powerless. Yet I can think of a dozen different ways the city could block Walmart’s opening. Tax “incentives” that triple the sales tax rate in the Empire Center, a special property tax, and a traffic congestion tax are just a few ideas.

Jeff Prutz