Are there answers to city’s problems?

I think most of us feel that Burbank is a good city in live in. It has a few faults, but who doesn’t? But what’s with the problems of the Burbank Police Dept.? The first problem is that only a small percentage of Burbank’s police officers are women. We have a male-dominated police force.

Another problem is officer Cindy Guillen, who is alleging social and ethnic discrimination. Then there is former deputy chief William Taylor, who joined other officers in a suit against the city of Burbank for the firing of minority officers.

The city of Burbank has spent $1 million, $3 million and $1.3 million in defense of the city, plus the probability of further charges. The city of Burbank has spent thousands of dollars on outside consultants to advise police commissioners and city officials on how to carry out reforms with the department. Why the weakness in this area? Are there any answers?

Wesley Greene