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Fuzzy reasoning from the council

I don’t normally write to newspapers, but am compelled to do so about the Burbank City Council, its decisions and direction.

As I wait at the corner of my street, Lima and Verdugo, and watch 30-plus cars go by before I can turn, I look far and wide and see no bikes — in fact, I can count the number of bikes I’ve ever seen on Verdugo on two hands. What kind of decision was it to place bike lanes on Verdugo?

I look one block over to what used to be a great gathering place for our youth, Verdugo Pool, and hear the fuzzy reasoning for its ongoing closure coming from the city. Millions for a golf center and four years of no pool for our youth.

I look at my own front lawn, two months of tearing up by the city to remove roots and replace sidewalk with inferior product, then another month to get my sprinklers back to work at my expense, and the unsightliness of the finished product.


I need to pray more for my civic leaders.

Bob Hastings