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Opposition to tower is not last-minute

On May 19 the Leader published a letter titled “Church surveyed its neighbors early on.” The letter was written by Sherri Lee Cline, an elected elder chairperson of the Little White Chapel. I’d like to offer more accurate information regarding the survey mentioned in her letter.

A majority of the surrounding neighbors were never surveyed or notified of Little White Chapel’s plan to install a wireless telecommunications facility on top of the church. The petition submitted by the chapel does not contain “hundreds of signatures supporting its development.” It contains exactly 126 signatures. Most of those signatures are not even from the same ZIP code as the proposed project. Only 27 of those are from within a 1,000-foot or three-block radius of the chapel. Many of the 27 have now requested that their names be removed from the petition.

Ms. Cline claims to be “puzzled by the last-minute opposition to this project.” It’s not last-minute. As soon as the neighbors learned of it, we immediately and vehemently opposed. The deception runs deep.

Michael Moynahan