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Sacramento is relying on local government

We have had fantastic growth for a couple of decades, much of it credited to the work of redevelopment agencies and the investment of local governments. But then the state ended redevelopment and siphoned off millions of local government dollars.

Glendale and Burbank invested millions of dollars into redevelopment, and now suddenly have no claim to that money. It’s gone. Completely wasted. It places landmarks like the Alex Theatre in danger of being sold. Our assemblyman, Mike Gatto, voted for that.

Greedy members of our state Legislature now have their eyes set on a new prize: our local government coffers. Here’s one example. AB 109, also known as “public safety realignment,” sent thousands of prisoners from state prisons to county facilities. The state is failing to protect us from violent criminals and will soon force local governments to pay for their incarceration.

It is clear that Sacramento has a major problem, relying on local governments and schools to fund its failed policies.


We don’t need someone like Gatto in the pocket of Indian casinos, horse racing and public employee unions. We need meaningful change in Sacramento, starting with our own representation.

Let’s send someone who has volunteered in our community for decades, serves on the school board, runs a business, and who knows exactly the struggles we face and will represent our truest interests in Sacramento. We need Greg Krikorian.

Ara A. Kachadourian