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Schiff should demand the truth

Re: “Schiff blasts House vote on gun issue,” June 24, Adam Schiff, from the comfort of his Washington office, released a condemning statement about a committee’s contempt vote against Eric Holder. Terrific use of congressional pen and paper, Adam. The Fast and Furious program was, and is, much more than what you dismiss as a “botched gun-walking operation.”

An American border patrol agent named Brian Terry and purportedly 200 so-far unnamed Mexicans lost their lives from guns supplied by the American government. Holder knows more than he’s telling and owes Congress, the Terry family, the U.S. and Mexico an explanation. Schiff claims the investigation is “doing damage to the institution of Congress.” Adam, you are part of that institution, and your desperate clutching at the skirts of partisanship and shameful diminishment of Terry’s and others’ lives does even further damage to you and all members of Congress. Be a man and demand the truth.

Tom Celli