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Bicycle grant doesn’t make sense

I am perplexed as to how my tax dollars could ultimately end up as a nearly half-million-dollar grant to Muir, Jefferson and Washington schools for bicycle infrastructure (“Cities receive safety grants,” July 11).

I can’t speak for Washington, but my three children went to Jefferson, and the rules stated that no students below fourth grade could ride and park their bikes on campus. Also, in the three years that my children went to Muir, I can honestly tell you that I have never seen a student ride a bike to school (we live off Kenneth); teachers and aides, yes, but never a student. Most students walk or are given rides.

How is it, exactly, that extended curbs and traffic circles will “reduce the number of cars on the street”? Finally, the picture included in your article was of the Edison School effort for a crossing guard — Edison located (clearly legible in the picture) at Chandler and Keystone — nowhere near Muir, Jefferson or Washington schools.

Kathy Volpi