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Looking for transportation ideas

I am writing this letter as a private Burbank citizen, not as a spokesperson for the Burbank Transportation Commission. An article was printed recently in the Burbank Leader which quoted Paul Dyson, chairman of the Transportation Commission, as stating that the way to balance the transportation budget was to eliminate all weekend transportation for seniors and disabled (“Bus service may shrink,” June 16).

That was one of several suggestions made, and in no way represents a unified recommendation from the commission to the City Council. Many other options are being reviewed and the item will be brought to the Oct. 15 meeting at Community Services Building, 150 N. 3rd St., 2nd floor.

If anyone has any ideas and would like them to be reviewed at the October meeting, please send the information to any of the commissioners, or plan to attend the meeting, since it is open to the public. I am an advocate of finding other solutions that may not impact the seniors and disabled in such a drastic manner.

Janet Diel


Editor’s note: The writer is vice chairman of the Burbank Transportation Commission, the barriers chairman for the Burbank Advisory Council on Disabilities and vice president of the Burbank Coordinating Council.