A lottery for Water and Power’s seats

Kudos to Burbank Park and Recreation for another spectacular Starlight Bowl season. For 15 years we’ve enjoyed this summer tradition and this year we bought season box tickets.

We were delighted to share the concerts with guests from both inside Burbank and neighboring communities. They marveled at the venue, the music, and the friendliness of staff and patrons. Our only regret is that the season is so short.

One side note: Burbank Water and Power was a sponsor. I’m assuming the $5,000 sponsorship, which came with a four-person box seat for the season, was not a “personal” purchase but was paid for with the dollars we in Burbank spend on water and power. While some may view Burbank Water and Power’s support commendable, usually the box sat empty or only housed the utility’s general manager, Ron Davis, and his wife in sort of a “we pay, they play” situation.

So, here’s an idea: Next year, if Burbank Water and Power buys a sponsorship (paid for by our ever-increasing water and power rates) let them hold a weekly lottery in which their customers (non-city employees) can “win” the chance to enjoy a concert in the utility’s box. After all, we’ve all helped to pay for it.


Christine Johnson