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Street doesn’t require improvement

What is there to improve on the street that’s next to the Great Indoors building? The street was good enough when the Great Indoors was open, why isn’t it good for Walmart? I’ve just been on that street and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Let’s face it, it’s the unions behind all of this and someone is getting paid off.

I guess Burbank doesn’t want its residents to have jobs and it doesn’t need the tax revenues. I’ll continue to do my shopping in Glendora or Rosemead. It’s worth it to me to make a trip once a month just to save some money.

I wish Burbank would get a Sam’s Club too.

Three Burbank residents don’t want a Walmart and we all have to suffer. No one is forcing them to shop there. Who’s paying them? I see their attorney is affiliated with United Food & Commercial Workers Union, Local 770. Does that tell you something?


Gerry McAllister