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Walmart traffic won’t be a problem

I am just one of hundreds, if not thousands, of Burbank residents who are awaiting with enthusiasm the opening of Burbank Walmart here in Empire Center.

I am sure that the traffic will not be a problem at all because since day one that the Empire Center was opened, the parking area was never filled to its capacity, meaning the place is big enough for all the commercial businesses around, and there are so many alternative routes to take.

Besides all the job openings and revenues for Burbank, which is very good indeed, what matters most is the convenience it will give the buying public to have a nearby Walmart. Regarding the other stores, I am sure that they have already established their own loyal customers and should not be afraid of competition.

We signed a petition a long time ago and we have written and voiced our opinions over this matter. Hopefully this will come to fruition soon.


Salome C. Geronimo