Use humane methods to protect shelter pets

Are people really aware of the ways we take care of our pet overpopulation problem? Here are just a few ways the problem is supposedly remedied. Some animals are killed by lethal injection, others by mass shootings, others by electrocution that involves placing a metal clip on an animal's lip and a metal rectal electrocution probe inside the animal. Decompression chambers are spinning mechanical units that animals are enclosed in; the constant spinning causes animals to stop breathing, lose consciousness and then die. Let’s not forget about the gas chambers, also known as “kill boxes.”

There is a smarter way to stop the overpopulation problem. Let’s be humane. Spay and neuter pets, educate the public, stop puppy mills from mass production, let local pet stores know they can help find homes for sheltered animals. Burbank City Council votes to enact the ordinance on Oct. 16 to ban the sale of milled puppies in Burbank. Please show your support to protect our shelter animals. Pets are like family to us. We need to start respecting them.

Susan Augustine

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