Kmart shoppers are Walmart shoppers

Re: “Crime motivates Walmart opposition,” Mailbag, Sept. 26. The letter writer says, “The type of people the store (Walmart) attracts and the crime would be bad for the rest of the businesses in that area,” meaning the Empire Center. She goes on to say we have a Costco, Target and a Kmart nearby.

Well, I was in line in the Kmart store on Wednesday with three women together in line ahead of me. They bought $96 worth of merchandise, argued with the cashier over the total, and they tried to pay for it with a bogus credit card. After some more arguing, they paid for it with a $100 bill.

As I entered my car in the parking lot a young man with a gas can approached me, saying that his wife and daughter were in the IHOP parking lot and they were trying to get back home in Santa Clarita. He asked if I had any money that I could give to him.

Are these the kind of people the writer is referring to? If so, they are already here.

Betty Vanole

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