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A chance for alternative viewpoints

Thank you for your reporting of Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein’s speech at Woodbury University on Sept. 27 (“Green hopeful makes bid,” Sept. 29). Her campaign here received no other print coverage.

Many people are realizing that the election is a closed process that shuts out all third parties and that the presidential debates are not really debates. The debate content is controlled by formal agreement between the two major parties, implemented by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

We will most likely never hear a debate over scaling back the military, tuition-free college education, breaking up big banks, the inefficacy of trickle-down economics or other issues that Stein spoke about. How can this be a representative democracy if alternative viewpoints never get aired? At least here in Burbank we had the opportunity to read about someone and something different.

Stephanie Llewellyn