Exception would harm pet mill ban

When the voice of the people is heard by the government, it is a day to celebrate. The Burbank City Council hosted a stellar example of this on Oct. 16 as countless citizens stood before the podium and respectfully expressed grave concern over the continued practice of commercially bred dogs being sold in pet stores in Burbank.

Slide show presentations revealed indisputable evidence that torturous puppy mills are the primary suppliers to the pet stores that still choose to sell these dogs to the public. People spoke eloquently about the abundant supply of deserving rescue animals often abandoned through no fault of their own that could be easily adopted through pet stores and is already being done so successfully in many communities throughout the country.

The city of Los Angeles has recently shown tremendous leadership in voting to approve the ban on selling commercially bred dogs and cats in pet stores, and the Burbank council voted to move forward in drafting an ordinance to institute this very same ban. They got the message, they understood the time has come for putting a stop to something that is bred out of a lack of respect for life and perpetuated by greed.

Unfortunately, the Burbank City Council is considering supporting a “grandfather clause” that would allow current Burbank pet stores to continue selling the lie to the public about where their new puppy came from, and to do business as usual. We ask that the council understand the devastating message this would send; it is as if to say we understand this horrific cruelty must end, but we will selectively turn our backs. Please go forward boldly with your leadership and honor the voices.

Caryn Casey

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