Letter writer had the right idea

This letter is in response to Christina Torres' letter, “Frutos should get off the fence on pet mills” in your Nov. 24 edition, Mailbag section.

I am certain that Torres has good intentions in her response to letter-writer Bob Frutos’ suggestion about the idea of a puppy mill ordinance. No one likes animal abuse, but Torres seems unaware about certain facts. An immediate, outright ban does nothing to solve the problem of puppy mills. Instead, it hurts mom and pop animal stores and gives greater power to “big box” stores that do not have as great an interest in animal welfare and who have enough money to skirt the rules.

Frutos' suggestion addresses this situation perfectly. It is up to Torres and like-minded individuals and groups to make consumers aware of why you should not purchase puppy mill dogs. Then it is up to consumers to be responsible and choose not to buy these animals. This approach has successfully worked for anti-smoking campaigners, and we have cleaner air and healthier people as a result. Consumer education will solve this issue and ensure animal safety, long term.

Attacking Frutos for offering suggestions will not help at all.

Glen Forsch

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