Bigger stores already shun pet mills

The Nov. 28 letter to the editor by Glen Forsch is a case in point for education on the puppy mill ordinance. His “facts” are simply untrue. He states that an outright ban would do nothing to solve the puppy mill problem, but supply and demand is a basic business principle. Ban stores from stocking mill animals, and fewer mill animals will be produced.

His fear that big-box stores will not comply is completely unfounded; the top two big-box stores are already rescue-only.

Forsch suggests that proponents of the ban should take the route of anti-smoking campaigns. That’s precisely what they’re doing. Education persuaded some individuals to quit smoking or not start, but that cleaner air you breathe is due to education convincing people to sign ordinances in cities (i.e. Burbank) to make smoking unlawful in many public areas.

Education is precisely why the puppy mill ordinance is on the table now. As the anti-smoking campaign proved, you have the right to harm yourself, but you do not have the right to hurt others. Supporting factory farming of pets isn’t just cruel and harmful to the animals involved; it’s a significant blow to the moral health of this community.

Stephanie Wescott

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