Artisans may lead economic diversity

I was at the Burbank City Council Study Session this month when Burbank Mayor Dave Golonski pushed for a more diversified Burbank economy. I agree with him on this strategic economic subject. However, the Obama green-energy economy’s waste and frequent big-money collapses are not the way to go for an economy to be robust or to weather declines.

A better economic diversification plan is John D. Rockefeller III's idea for the post-industrial society in the 21st century. It is to promote and finance artisan enterprises for expansion and aggressive market-share captures. It is the affluent consumer market that keeps the majority of the consumer-driven U.S. economy going. The affluent consumer will buy high-priced artisan products as in the past, as in today and in the future.

Going upscale is the ongoing consumer trend for quality man-made products, not the common mass-produced consumer items for the middle and lower classes. I know these things because I learned them at Fordham University and lecture about them.

Emzy Veazy III

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