Pets from shelters are the best option

Puppies and kittens are lifetime commitments, not gifts or toys to be played with for a short period of time and then tossed aside, disregarded or replaced by the next latest and greatest “thing.” This is what happens when these adorable little balls of fur and fluff are purchased as presents and it is easier than ever to buy a pet in a store or online. With just one click, a life can be purchased.

Internet sales tragically have become a major forum for puppy mills to sell directly to the public without any regulations. These sites show healthy, happy pups frolicking in fields. How does one really know what the living conditions are for those pups? How does one know that the photo of the adorable pup shown is really the one that will be sent, or even if it is, that it will be healthy? What happens if it is not what you thought, what you wanted or if it is sick? How do you get your money back, or return the life bought? This really is an outlet for more exploitation, inhumane treatment and defrauding the community.

The best way to get what you want and have the most guarantees are to see the pup, kitten, dog, cat, rabbit, etc. in person. By meeting the pet you know the size, color and weight and get a better idea of behavior/personality. The largest selection to pick from is at the shelters and rescues where animals are seen by veterinarians. Adoption fees are inexpensive and include shots, sterilization and microchip. With all the money saved you can buy toys, good food and training if necessary. By adopting you are saving a life, and isn’t that the best gift?

Ali Cohen

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