Law would make gun makers accountable

Adam Schiff is on the right path with his legislation Access to Justice for Victims of Gun Violence (Burbank Leader, Jan. 16). All our lives, from the time we are children, we hear we must be accountable for our actions, but for some reason that has not applied to those who sell or manufacture guns. Why not?

Car makers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and thousands more are all held accountable if their actions contribute to harming people. Mr. Schiff's proposed legislation will simply move gun manufacturers and sellers to the standard we've established for everyone else to protect the public. Those gun manufacturers and sellers who are diligent in responsibly applying steps to assure safety will be unhampered by the new law.

But others have been able to act with profit motives ahead of safety knowing they are shielded by a law that says they cannot be sued. Common sense tells us that holding people accountable will lead them to act more responsibly. This proposed law would simply apply the standard we hold for everyone else to this so-far protected group. Why not?

Trish Burnett

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