In support of Councilman Gordon

I read the Jan. 19 letter to the editor written by Lori McCaffery. She tells it like it is. David Gordon has been fighting for the people of Burbank all by himself since he has been on the City Council. Be it neighborhood problems or that of small businesses, he is always there.

Gordon stands for free enterprise and freedom of choice in our neighborhoods. When a tactic to win by the opposition is defaming his character, it doesn't speak well of the opposition.

This is not about one man's town to dictate his pleasure with unaffordable changes and staff members making it all sound like apple pie.

Burbank belongs to all of us. We pay a lot for a comfortable place to live, work and raise our children. We have great police and fire departments, beautiful parks, good schools and senior programs. Help Gordon bring back the values we once had.

I too am supporting Gordon and Bob Frutos in this election to give us a city leadership we can be proud of.

Janet Strong

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