David Gordon shouldn't run for council again

I was sorry to read that David Gordon is running for City Council again. Burbank is facing a difficult transition in management and many economic challenges. We need council members who are positive, wise team players and who have vision. Gordon is a terrible distraction at council meetings, in my opinion, with his endless questions, long lectures, more questions, occasional rudeness to city staff and colleagues. Most discussions end with him losing on the votes.

He is not the noble underdog in city politics. He is wrongheaded. Gordon's signs cite him as a proven leader. He's proven that he wants to lead Burbank in the wrong direction.

Our city's challenge is the same as our country's: to balance revenue, debt and investment in the future. Gordon talks too much, listens too little and unfortunately accepts counsel from those who do the same. Consider your vote carefully, for all our sakes.

Pat Gafford

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