PACs should stay out of local elections

I find it highly offensive and suspect that a political action committee sponsored by a labor union is going to spend $20,000 to influence voting for the Burbank City Council (“Group moves to unseat council member,” Feb. 20). I have already received slick pieces of mail designed to influence my vote.

If this PAC is successful (and other special interests are just waiting for the outcome), within 10 years Burbank citizens will no longer have a say in their city government. For a look at just how that will work, look to our national government, where PACs and special interests are dictating votes (or killing legislation) on a daily basis.

I have lived in Burbank for more than 40 years and take pride in a city where warmth and caring are intertwined with excellent city services. In Burbank local residents get involved, make themselves heard and bring about changes to better their city.

Labor unions, special interest groups and businesses should not make decisions for Burbank residents. Burbank is the responsibility of its citizens and our votes should reflect that this responsibility is taken seriously.

Joanne Weckbacher

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