Candidate thanks his supporters

I want to say thank you to all the Burbank residents who supported our campaign and shared their concerns with me. We ran a truly grass-roots campaign that involved students, parents, teachers and Burbankians from all walks of life. This campaign gave me the opportunity to listen to hard-working people with serious concerns.

During our campaign, we witnessed the miracle of democracy and what it is to be an American. We had on average of 25 to 30 Burbank school volunteer students show up every weekend to make a difference. We loved stories like that of a 91-year-old grandmother who had never voted but finally uttered the beautiful words, “I voted.”

Stories like these became the driving force behind our campaign.

I want to congratulate Steve Ferguson, Larry Applebaum, Charlene Tabet and David Dobson for making it to the general election.

Armond Aghakhanian

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