Choosing optimism over fear

I'm writing today in response to and in agreement with Carolyn Jackson's letter regarding Councilman David Gordon. The problems she cited, though enough to hopefully dissuade some from voting for Gordon, are only a part of the reason I find myself so dissatisfied with his City Council tenure.

Gordon uses a tried-and-true political tactic, tugging on the strings of fear in order to advance a political agenda. We've seen him play up the day-labor center, the homeless shelter, water conservation rules, bike lanes — the list goes on and on. Doesn't the sky-is-falling routine ever get old? Let's not let our phobias and fears dictate our vote. Open the door, get out of the house, don't cower in your basement scared the world is collapsing — trust me, it's not.

I know that Bob Frutos is a good guy and will do a great job as a city council member. He got my vote. I also know that he has endorsed Gordon. That being said, I also believe with all my heart that Frutos will have a great working relationship with anyone on the council, be it Dave Golonski, Jesse Talamantes or Gordon, so it is no detriment to Frutos, whomever gets elected.

This election cycle is extremely important, and the differences between Gordon and the rest of the field are vast. One presents a stark landscape where nothing is right, the others provide an optimistic vision for Burbank's future. I hope, for all our sakes, you choose optimism over fear this election cycle.

Alfred Aboulsaad

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