People are behind Gordon

A recent Mailbag item had a laundry list of criticism of David Gordon without any factual back-up. This is the type of misinformation Golonski gadflies have been writing for the past 20 years of his tenure.

Gordon has been expressing his views on all the issues for years, and rightfully so. Anyone who disagrees with Emperor Golonski is soon criticized by him and his flock of sheep.

It is time for Golonski to go. Only 20 years of name recognition by the uninformed have kept him in office. Time has caught up with him. In the recent primaries, he came in a distant fourth place in a field of six.

His nemesis, Gordon, fell short by only 170 votes of being duly elected in the primaries. The people are behind Gordon. I look forward to a grand victory on April 9.

Leslie Urban

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