Golonski's experience is important

There has been a lot of talk about the election of returning council members and I am tired of names being bandied about without information behind opinions.

Dave Golonski is a longtime member of the city council, current mayor and lifelong participant in programs that benefit the community. He is involved in many citywide programs to help families and children. His whole family participates and all work hard to make Burbank the best community ever.

It has been said that he has been on the council for a long time and should be replaced. Unthinkable.

Experience is the name for long term service, and both involvement and comprehension of the history of many city projects and programs are important to keeping our city on the right track for progress and helps lead to a better future. Golonski's background provides a win-win for the city.

Please join with us in supporting our fine mayor and Burbank citizen, and vote for Dave Golonski for council in the upcoming election. We need him.

Henry and Janet Diel

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