Gordon is a distraction

I will never understand why some Burbank citizens see David Gordon as their hero, a true man of the people. I see him as a distraction, keeping the other council members from taking care of city business in a balanced and timely way.

If Gordon is re-elected, my biggest worries are that recently--elected Bob Frutos will vote in lock step with Gordon since he and campaigned closely with him and that Gordon may one day be vice mayor or mayor.

Gordon is one of only three council members not voted into rotation to be vice mayor/mayor in more than 20 years, not just once, but twice. That decision was not made by voters but by his colleagues on the council who ostensibly know him best. The message is clear and powerful. I hope the undecided voters in Burbank, Frutos and the future council members will think this over carefully. Good luck to us all in this important election.

Pat Gafford

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