Why transportation study is needed

Re: “Too many studies, too little service,” Paul Dyson, Mailbag, April 6. While Paul Dyson correctly notes that there is too little train service in this region, it must be emphasized that Bob Hope Airport is taking real steps to do something about it.

With the construction of the Regional Intermodal Transportation Center now underway, and the Airport Authority commitment to help fund construction of a new Metrolink Station on the Antelope Valley Line at Hollywood Way, the airport has put the spotlight on transportation planning and traffic congestion relief.

The airport’s Multimodal Ground Access Planning Study is not just another study that’s going to end up on a shelf. It will evaluate existing and future ground transportation needs and opportunities, including additional transit service from Pasadena to Glendale to Burbank, and connection of the Red Line station in North Hollywood with the airport and the northwest portion of Burbank. Completion of this study is necessary to set the stage for other agencies like Metro to prioritize and help fund these transit improvements.

This study is a vital step to improve airport and rail connectivity, and it will be a catalyst for bringing better transportation options to airport users and Burbank residents.

Dan Feger

Editor’s note: Thee writer is executive director of Bob Hope Airport.

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