An honor that is long overdue

Two years ago a Mailbag contributor wrote that Councilman David Gordon didn’t have the right to serve as vice mayor or mayor because he came into office with fewer votes than council members Dave Golonski and Jess Talamantes (“Passing over Gordon makes sense,” May 15, 2011).

I think this same reader now has to eat crow after the recent municipal election. Gordon has been returned to office with more votes than Talamantes, and Golonski has been soundly defeated.

Can we finally see Gordon getting this long-overdue honor? His reelection numbers prove that he came out on top and deserves to be the new leader of the pack, not council members Gary Bric, Emily Gabel-Luddy or Jess Talamantes, and not yet the newest council member, Robert Frutos.

Molly Shore

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