Council should seek independence

Being selected by colleagues on the City Council to be the next vice mayor or mayor has absolutely nothing to do with votes garnered in an election.

It’s not even about extending honor. It’s about council members’ beliefs in the selected colleague's leadership integrity and ability to work as a member of the team to serve the best interests of the city.

David Gordon is one of three council members passed over in the last 16 years. He is a polarizing figure in Burbank politics. Several of his avid followers have tried to vote two of his buddies onto the council so he can be part of a majority. I got several annoying robocalls asking me to vote in that way. I don't think they succeeded.

At least, I hope not. How about instead we look to the Council to be independent? How about if we expect them to vote their conscience and use their hearts and brains rather than hoping they vote in tandem to prop up Gordon's failed opinions and policies?

Pat Gafford

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