Gordon has served Burbank well

What’s with all the Gordon-bashing (Mailbag, May 22)? This man has served Burbank with honesty, integrity and ardor for seven years, and he’s now criticized for wanting a $54 per month raise? Please, people!

Yes, he may sound tedious and even nitpicking now and again at City Council meetings. But that behavior is a result of careful preparation for each and every Council meeting. He is profoundly committed to serving the city, and he does so in a thoughtful, dignified manner.

I recommend you Gordon-bashers arrange a “meet-and-greet” gathering for you and your neighbors. I held one while he was campaigning, and he knocked the ball out of the park, convincing my neighbors of his sincerity and in-depth knowledge of the city’s issues. Afterward, we had his signs posted up and down my street, and quite a few skeptics came away with a new view of the man.

Give credit where credit is due.

Kathy Landis

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