In praise of mayor's leadership

What a welcome breath of fresh air our new Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy is. She is able to lead the city council meetings with poise and grace and is a great representative of our city. Her vision for the city of Burbank is proactive and well thought-out.

I hope the residents of Burbank will make sure to tune in to our city council meetings and witness for themselves what a competent and intelligent leader she is. It will also be important for residents to participate in the town hall meetings she has planned.

She is open to our thoughts, suggestions and concerns. Residents may have special concerns regarding their particular neighborhoods. Town hall meetings are your chance to get involved and make change happen. This is a wonderful opportunity and will help make Burbank better now and for the future. I look forward to the improvements Mayor Gabel-Luddy will institute for our city.

Laurie F. Newton

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