The David Gordon Show

Did any of you see the “David Gordon Show” at a recent city council meeting?

The highlight was a rambling rant that began with him saying that “they” are releasing prisoners into residential communities like Burbank, leading to lawns being covered with beer cans and cigarettes and arrests being made for loitering. Then he launched into unintelligible statements about UN order 21, greenhouse gases, climate change, etc.

I do not respect Gordon but I accepted his elevation to vice mayor. He has invested time to his council job and has no doubt lost money So he gets the prize — the prestige he so covets as vice mayor. I am grateful he will not automatically become mayor. I pray his colleagues on the council will not let that happen. Just imagine how contentious meetings would be if he led them.

We only have to look at our current mayor to see how a mayor should lead, with respect for all, common sense, and strength moderated by balance and perspective.

One last thing, to Councilmen Bob Frutos and Gordon: Please stop saying over and over self-importantly that you are on the council to “protect our neighborhoods”. Flash! So are the other council members and city staff, every day of every week. Stop pandering. It is annoying.

Pat Gafford

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