Cartoonist's message has meaning

I get a kick out of the Leader’s political cartoonist, Bert Ring. Not only does Ring have a wicked sense of humor, his artistic skills are top-notch. Ring’s caricatures of Burbank City Council members are hilarious (and accurate). The expressions he gives these people absolutely tickle my funnybone.

I love his small details, for instance, the constant changes to the symbols on Councilman Jess Talamantes’ fire captain’s hat. Sometimes it’s a peace symbol, sometimes a question mark, one time it was the letter “T” (I’m assuming for Talamantes’ name) and in the May 4 edition it appeared to be the number 13. I have absolutely now idea why these various symbols are drawn on the hat, but I look for them and wonder what, if any, is their significance.

Also in the May 4 cartoon where Vice Mayor David Gordon attempts to seat himself in Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy’s chair, the background is a hodgepodge of squiggles and swirls playfully depicting the beautiful mural on the wall behind the council chamber’s dais.

In the Leader’s March 23 edition, I laughed at the Easter bunny’s sarcastic look when he handed out decorated eggs to four council members while purposely excluding Gary Bric, who was the lone dissenting vote for funding this year’s Easter Egg-Stravaganza.

Whatever changes the Leader might consider making in any future editions, please do not delete Ring’s cartoons. They are absolute gems and a great addition to the newspaper. Most important, Ring’s message is as meaningful as the printed word.

Molly Shore

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