New city manager's salary is grotesque

In reading about the new Burbank city manager's salary (“Top dollar to new city manager,” June 26), it just makes me feel ill toward the unethical/greedy practices in our great society. Yes, Burbank is a great little city to live in, but I think the City Council is totally out to lunch in determining such grotesque salaries for top management.

Compare the ridiculous salaries for Mark Scott and even Ron Davis to hundreds of city workers, then throw in the many images of city operations cutbacks (like no money to trim ugly palm trees on city streets).

How can the city offer someone almost $25,000 a month, plus give them relocation expenses and a promise for bonuses? How often does the city give a bonus to office clerks, garbage truck drivers or police officers? There is something grossly wrong with the idea that you have to pay such out-of-touch salaries. I would like to know how much the city of Burbank paid Peckham and McKenny for helping find Mark Scott. These “amazing head hunters” have convinced vulnerable and gullible city council members that they have to pay competitive salaries in order to find the best. No, the reality is that city councils and corporations are sucked into this grandiose trend of greed.

I would like to know the salaries of those office workers who will end up doing most of the leg work for the city manager.

Victor Picou

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