Did the city manager's paycheck kill the dance?

One of my favorite things about Burbank has been the Thursday night summer dances at the AMC walkway.

Last week, I found out that the dances had been canceled due to budget cuts. I also learned last week that the City Council has hired a new primo, A-one, first class city manager — apparently we had to go to Fresno to find such a marvel — and that we’ve agreed to pay him a staggering $300,000 per year. He’ll make more than the mayor of Los Angeles.

I couldn’t help but wonder if we could have hired a very competent, diligent person who is already at City Hall and didn’t need relocation or housing expenses. We could have paid him or her a very respectable, and more typical, $200,000 and saved the dances from the budget ax. Just sayin’.

Cheryl Holt

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