Do some research on Burbank's sidewalk issue

What we need is some good coverage of a controversial topic like the Screenland Drive sidewalk situation. Rather than picking a side based on dueling letters to the editor, take a look down the Screenland using Google Street View. You'll see a really nice neighborhood.

Now put the on the shoes of a kid trying to walk to school, and you might come to a different opinion. Many, but not all the residents of Screenland have built walls, planted trees and shrubbery along the area that is public land.

Who can blame the residents for not wanting the sidewalks? If I lived there, I wouldn't want sidewalks either. What is the best decision for the community though, especially in light of the grant money we could lose by not building the sidewalks? Also, not building the sidewalks could also impact future grant proposals from the city.

Make your own decision. Check out the affected area, then put yourself in the shoes of a homeowner there, and a kid trying to get to school. Also think about the grant money. Now you can make an informed decision about this situation. This is something that affects us all, not just the residents of Screenland or the children attending Luther Middle School and their parents.

Alfred Aboulsaad

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