Gordon should join in airport efforts

It's deja vu all over again! One doesn't need a college degree to know the Burbank Airport is outdated, too small, uncomfortable in bad weather and its runway is considered unsafe by the Federal Aviation Administration.

It makes great sense for Burbank to have a new, improved airport integrated with the intermodal transportation hub being built.

The Airport Authority, the Airport Commission and the city staff recently presented to the City Council an overview to highlight ideas regarding the new terminal. The goal was to begin the process by getting feedback from the council and Burbank citizens. Their tone was open and optimistic. Then Vice Mayor David Gordon and the familiar faces of his followers began to appear at council meetings with the same old nonsense: they warn with one voice that any new terminal (even though there are no plans, no design and no approvals in place) will inevitably be too big, have too many gates, will be built on contaminated soil, will have inadequate parking, yada, yada, yada.

Dr. Gordon, I beg you, please call off your minions. Be a leader. Be positive, optimistic and cooperative. Give feedback at appropriate meetings. Offer constructive suggestions. Many of us would like a new terminal. There are challenges, but it can be done. Stifle the doomsday predictions. Be part of an open conversation and urge others to follow your example. Thank you.

Pat Gafford

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