Screenland Drive needs sidewalks

When I talk to people in Burbank who don’t live on Screenland Drive — at places like the Joslyn Adult Center and the Stough Canyon Nature Center — about the sidewalks project, the first thing they ask, with a quizzical look on their face, is why don’t the people on Screenland want sidewalks?

I’m not exactly sure. I usually say they don’t want kids in their front yards. So to my two angry letter writers, please tell us why you prefer the school kids of Luther Burbank Middle School to walk in the streets with the heavy traffic in the mornings and afternoons. Please tell us why you want the kids, the handicapped, “seasoned” citizens, people with baby strollers and everyone else to walk in the street instead of on safe sidewalks. (And I’ve seen all of the above walking in the street.)

When there’s a school function at Luther Burbank, like Back to School Night, Open House and spring events, there are lots of people and cars sharing the street on Screenland Drive at the same time at night. Screenland becomes a very dangerous place to walk.

Tim Elliott

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