'Small Wonders' will be missed

Re: Patrick Caneday’s final column, I feel like my best playmate just moved away. Still alive and thriving, but not next door anymore. His columns were the reason I read the Leader. I usually teased myself by reading the front page first, and then eagerly turned to find out what new thing Mr. Caneday had to talk about in the issue.

His views on the world matched mine so often that I felt a real kinship with him and sometimes emailed him to say so. He was always kind enough to reply. I was a touch sad when he announced he was going to cease calling his daughters “Thing one” and Thing two,” but I totally understood. They are lucky to have him for a dad and I hope to follow their continued growth on his website. I’m not a computer person, but I will try to find and follow his page.

Patrick Caneday was a real asset to the Leader. You should try to convince him to continue to write, even if it’s only one column a month.

I’m quite certain I won’t be the only person writing in to say how they will miss the “Small Wonders” column each Saturday. I know all good things must end, but Patrick Caneday’s column was a very good thing.

Lori McCaffery

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