Screenland Drive sidewalks a good idea

If the Burbank City Council needed one more reason why they should vote for sidewalks on Screenland Drive, they need look no further than the article published on A1 of Saturday's Burbank Leader.

Reporter Alene Tchekmedyian quotes my neighbor Janet Strong as offering the following “argument” for not installing sidewalks:

First, she notes that “if” the sidewalks would provide safety to schoolchildren that would be one thing. Hello, of course the sidewalks will make it safer. Who is she kidding?

From there, Strong continues on with the erroneous and nonsensical arguments that (a) no one would use the sidewalks (a ridiculous assertion) and (b) sidewalks would impair the vision of motorists exiting their driveways. Can someone please explain that one to me? It would actually be easier to spot pedestrians on the sidewalk than it is now when they can be hidden by parked cars on the street. Again, this makes no sense!

I'm surprised that Vice Mayor Gordon and Councilman Frutos would want to align themselves with someone who spouts such ridiculous arguments.

I was pleased to read the editorial in support of the sidewalks in that same edition of the Leader. It offered persuasive arguments shared by those of us Screenland residents (granted, a minority) who know that putting public safety ahead of selfish wishes will always be the right thing to do.

Wendy Westgate

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