The Verdugo Pool and the Leader

Thanks for the photo and report on the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Verdugo Pool last Saturday (“Verdugo Pool makes a splash,” Aug. 28). I was at that event and listened to some history of the pool, but lost count on the thanks and credits that went back and forth between the speakers. It seemed everyone got a credit. Who can say if it was all deserved?

But forgotten was the Burbank Leader. And not mentioned was the nearly five years that elapsed from the damage to Verdugo Pool to its re-opening.

It's my strong opinion that without the Burbank Leader’s stories, photos, editorials, Mailbag and cartoons about the need to fix the Verdugo Pool, Burbank's swimmers would be still looking at a broken pool or a hole in the ground.

Thanks, Burbank Leader!

Bob Schmitt

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