Letter: Golden State (5) Freeway construction seems to be stalled

A story that may be of interest to your readers is the apparent suspension of work, or lack of progress over the last couple of months on the Golden State (5) Freeway work through Burbank.

On the southbound lanes it is particularly frustrating due to the elimination of the right-side breakdown lane between roughly Burbank Boulevard and the Los Angeles River, and because of the very short merge provisions for vehicles entering the freeway from both Verdugo and Alameda avenues. The lack of any progress on the Western Avenue offramp is also puzzling, as the pavement was removed down to dirt months ago.

Is Caltrans so overextended with work on other freeways that I-5 is left an orphan? Or have unexpected problems arisen with the bridge portion over Flower Street? Whatever the case, the noted onramps are very unsafe and are accidents waiting to happen.

Donald Gerwien

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