Letter: Republican response to ACA is offensive

Donna Anderson took time to call out the Leader's editorial on the Affordable Care Act and call it offensive. She explained how Republicans are thoughtfully trying to delay some parts so that everyone can work it out. Interestingly enough, I do find what is going on with the ACA offensive.

I think GOP-run states who are actively denying their citizens the Medicaid expansion that the federal government is paying for 100% for the first three years is offensive. I think 40 members of Congress, along with about 10 senators, shutting down the government and costing this country $24 billion by having an adult tantrum is offensive. I think the GOP talking point of “they are listening to Americans” is offensive, especially when America clearly reelected Obama and a Democratic senate.

I think the term “real Americans” is offensive. Who exactly do Republicans mean when they use this term? This U.S. Army veteran knows I'm not included, and that in itself is one of the most offensive things that can be uttered.

Don't get me wrong, feel free to disagree with the ACA. Attempt legislative maneuvers to kill it, fine. Just please don't try to paint this effort as some cooperative step in trying to make the ACA a success because it's not — and that is also quite offensive.

Alfred Aboulsaad

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