Letter: DeBell will find its way out of the rough

Re: “DeBell loans are a drain on other services,” Mailbag, Nov. 6. I knew as soon as the Leader ran the article about the city of Burbank leasing DeBell Golf Club to Scott Scollazzo, we would again hear from Molly Shore.

Her desire to rid Burbank of its jewel of a municipal golf course seems to border on the obsessive. I acknowledge that the building of the new clubhouse came in unfortunate economic times. I agree that it needs to become self-supporting. However, many of Shores' observations about the usage of this fine facility are myopic and just plain wrong.

I took up the frustrating game of golf four years ago. DeBell has been my stern instructor. I was stunned by the beauty of the place. I like to play in the early morning with several other Burbankers who also enjoy the company of hawks, deer, bobcats, rabbits and coyotes.

I have observed the cross section of humanity that utilizes this Burbank treasure. I've played in front of and behind the DeBell Women's Club. Husbands and wives play together. The course is vital to the junior golfers in the area.

The financial collapse in the last decade put much of the country underwater financially. DeBell Golf Course is no exception. As the economy improves, the golf business improves. Even non-golfers have discovered the charm of an early dinner as the sun goes down on the terrace of the clubhouse restaurant. Give Scott Scollazzo and his fine staff a chance. With the right promotion and the return of a healthy economy, DeBell will be a self sustaining jewel in Burbank's crown for decades to come.

Steve Eastin

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