Letter: Brace yourself when checking out blog

Re: “Seeking change on the bully pulpit,” Start the Presses column, Nov. 16. I would note that the blog has not only endorsed but has supported Dr. David Gordon's campaigns throughout the years. I call on Dr. Gordon to publicly state that he does not support the SemiChorus blog, its author or the people commenting there.

The articles on the blog that I find most troubling are the countless attacks on anything that deals with Armenian history, bilingual education, and of course those dealing with the tragic car accident that killed five of our young people. To read the callous comments regarding all of the above you must prepare yourself. You will see people gleefully snickering at other's misfortune and misery, childish name calling and something much worse. Unmitigated hatred. So I was happy to see that the Leader's editor called them out publicly. Will Dr. Gordon do the same?

I suggest everyone in Burbank go and read entries there to see exactly the type of supporters some on the City Council actively court and some, thankfully, disavow.

Alfred Aboulsaad

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