Letter: Positive claims about Walmart are misguided

Gregory Krikorian’s opinion piece in the Dec. 18 edition of the Burbank Leader fails to factually educate the reader. Krikorian is launching his own opinion about the much lauded 250 jobs. Had Krikorian done his research, he should have told the reader that these 250 Walmart jobs are mostly part-time, poor-paying jobs. Even if these were to be full-time jobs, the workers would not earn enough to have any significant economic effect on Burbank or its residents.

As far as construction jobs related to a new Walmart, these would be temporary and would do little to improve our local economy for the long term. And the decay and crime from a vacant building? Does one honestly think that one large building is cause to claim a city is in decline? There does exist the “broken window” theory, but one building does not make a theory.

To infer that Walmart is a good neighbor with its contributions to local organizations is to overlook the obvious. Walmart is playing politics by donating to local youth and charity groups and would be foolish not to engage in this typical business practice. And the Walmart executive who began his career sweeping floors? He’s the exception, not the norm.

The judge was right in his decision about Walmart and it was properly based on the environmental impact such a business would have on our city. Only the misinformed would think otherwise. Krikorian’s opinion piece is weak and ambiguous and lacks any supporting data to have one believe that Walmart is good for Burbank.

Terry Judge


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